The Kim & Jim Show

Kim & Jim

Bee Culture is proud to bring you two renowned Bee experts, Kim Flottum, Editor-in-Chief, Bee Culture Magazine and Dr. James “Jim” Tew, Emeritus Professor, Entomology, OSU to co-host their show, “The Kim and Jim Show”.  Kim and Jim will make sure that you walk away with 5 key insights from every show, so that you can become a better beekeeper.  This show is intended for all beekeepers from beginner to master levels.  Kim and Jim will cover critical and timely topics ranging from “how-tos” to new products to important updates.

Upcoming Episodes    
Mon, June 19, 2017
@ 11am-1pm EST
     Register      Tracking the Changing Deformed Wing Virus
Wed, June 21, 2017
@ 11:30am-1pm EST
     Register      The Keys to Colony Success
Fri, June 23, 2017
@ 11am-1pm EST
     Register      Smarter Hives, Healthier Bees
Recording Archive    
May 24, 2017      Play      Checking Hives: Let’s See What’s Going
April 19, 2017      Play      April to August. No Matter Where You Live, It’s Showtime!
Mar 23, 2017      Play      March Madness!
Feb 23, 2017      Play   Latest University Research
Jan 26, 2017      Play   3*2*1 – Packages!!! The Count Down Starts Now
Dec 8, 2016      Play   What’s New in 2017
Nov 2, 2016      Play   I Got Bees – Now What?
Oct 11, 2016      Play   5 Must Do Tasks To Save Your Bees This Winter