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The Backyard Pollinator is an individual block of leafcutter bee nesting habitat containing bee larvae ready to hatch in warm weather. It can be placed anywhere that you wish to observe the activity of Leafcutter bees and the pollination of nearby flowers. Along with the Backyard Pollinator blocks, we offer Hatch & Release Leafcutter Bees, Wildflower Pollinator Mix and Commercial Leaf-cutter Bee Blocks. The Backyard Pollinator is an essential item for curious children, avid gardeners, nature lovers, budding entomologists, excited Grand-parents, super Moms, cool Dads, the ecologically aware and entry level beekeepers. This product is a piece of our farm scaled down to fit any situation whether in your backyard, on an apartment window, in a classroom and everywhere in between.

From Vancouver to Nova Scotia, from Alaska to Florida, the Backyard Pollinator is our way of getting leaf-cutter bees to you in a convenient package, at an affordable price. The true value of a Backyard Pollinator is not what comes inside the package. It is the a magical experiences you will encounter during the growing season. 

Are you ready to enhance your whole life adventure and rediscover the connection to important values that have been lost in the daily grind of life?

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Bee Hive Thermal Industries, Breaking News, Saving Honey Bees Organically

An organic and noninvasive solution in targeting and killing Varroa Mite infestations, that are killing honey bees, was developed by the joined forces of, Bee Hive Thermal Industries (www. and OVEN Indus-tries (www., experts in temperature control.

In the fight against today’s Varroa Mites, beekeepers are often, if not always, resorting to pesticides as the solution. Bees have many other predators and hardships to endure, including weather related issues such as cold temperatures, moisture and diseases. The effect of the Mite on the overall colony is paralyzing to both general activity and honey production within the hive. This revolutionary product is showing positive results in killing and controlling mites and hive beetles, with only a few applications annually.

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The redesigned Honey Squeeze is more eloquent, efficient, and affordable.

The stainless steel construction comes with a lifetime warranty and is 100% made in the USA. The machine dispenses honey, maple syrup, chocolate syrup, agave, and simple syrup without mess or contamination. It weighs only three pounds 11 ounces and measures 14 inches high, 7 inches wide and 6 inches deep. It will display nicely on any kitchen counter top.

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Of the several styles of frame grips sold today or developed through the years they all offer the same scissor action to hold and ex-tract the frame. The beekeeper must use strong hand strength to squeeze then lift the frame. This pressure force must be maintained through-out the handling of the frame.

The new Mule Grip™ offers a major increased gripping force through a double mechanical ad-vantage along with its increased position from the frame. This is further complimented by using uniquely shaped ends formed to hold all styles of wood and plastic bee frames preventing them from twisting even when held at 90°. Plus a unique scissor design requires less travel distance to close against the frame.

The result is less hand and wrist strain is achieved with less force and arm strain by the beekeeper.

Ever since the introduction of plastic frames the same awkward wide frame grips that are used for wood frames remains the industry standard. The Mule-Grip™ is the first product designed specifically to handle both wood and plastic frames.

Three Styles of Units are Available – Wood and Plastic, Wood Only, Plastic Only.

If desired a separate wood or plastic version is available to meet the needs of all markets. This may apply if you only have wood frames or only plastic bee frames.

All styles have been uniquely designed to offer the same level of performance. 

Locking Arm (Available on all styles) – allowing the beekeeper to tightly lock the frame grip onto the frame. Once locked the frame can be moved in any angle even horizontal without using any force to hold it closed. No longer be concerned about frame twisting or falling due to losing your grip.

This will also allow you to set the frame down without releasing the hold on the frame.

Visual Positioning Indicator ensures frames are returned in same direction as removed. Eliminates confusion and damage to comb or bees All Frame Grips are made from heavy 12-gage stainless steel not aluminum. Plastic grip handles are ¾” 6-Flute plastic that not only improves one’s grip while wearing bulky gloves, it reduces hand strain and pressure. Excellent to all users: from adults, women, children seniors and even those with disabilities.

Little Mule Bee Supply, LLC

– Oklahoma, USA

Parsons’ Gold Apiaries DVD Set

 Bob Parsons is owner and operator of Parsons’ Gold Apiaries located in Forest, OH. 

The main Spring board to a life time of honey bees came in 5th grade when a beekeeper brought in an observation hive to his class. During a visit to family members in Indiana he watched his uncle tend his hives. He got his first four hives in 1965 and has been involved with bees ever since – 52 years.

He sells package bees and nucs and all sorts of bee equipment to beekeepers all over. He has been shipping bees for about 
10 years.  His website is geared mainly to new and returning beekeepers. It helps them in getting started by telling them the equipment they need, cost, etc. What customers really want is to ‘see’ how to 
do things. So Bob decided to show them how. 

Below are the developed DVD’s to date:

DVD #1. – Beekeeping Simplified! This DVD shows the beekeeper how to put a beehive together. How to assemble a frame. How to light a smoker and keep it lit.

DVD #2. – Hiving Packaged Honey bees Successfully! This DVD is very helpful to new beekeepers. It shows what equipment they need and how to go about getting the bees out of the box and into the hive.

DVD #3 – Honey Comb Production and Bee Pollen Collecting! This DVD shows the equipment needed, how to put it on and how to make comb honey and collect pollen.

DVD #4 – Catch a Swarm/Work the Bees! This DVD demonstrates Bob and Deborah Parsons catching a swarm in their own backyard. All is not successful at first, so alternative measures are taken. Next, Bob shows how to work the bees. What does that mean and what do you do and what are you looking for once you get inside the hive?

DVD #5 – Extracting Honey for the Small Beekeeper! Once you have made honey, how do you get it away from the bees and how do you get it out of the frames? Using a hot knife to cut the wax and the use of a small extractor shows you how to do it.

DVD #6 – The Prescription! – Helping honey bees survive cold times of the year. This outlines a step by step over wintering process. Also use these steps during rainy Seasons.


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