Hive Tasks

  • Review all equipment
  • Place equipment orders in January (sales!)
  • If planning on a honey crop, order equipment now
  • Order swarm catching equipment
  • Finish repairs and painting
  • Is stored equipment still safe from mice?
  • Block entrance of a dead colony until you inspect
  • Veil, gloves, smoker clean and ready for use?
  • Winter storm? Check hives and beeyard
  • Arrival of Spring weather depends on climate
  • Cold climate: check if colonies alive and need food
  • Frames of stored honey can be moved close to cluster
  • Never break the winter cluster – bees will die
  • Cold climate: can feed “wet sugar” bricks
  • Warm climate: check if colonies are alive
  • Warm climate: feed 1:1 sugar syrup to encourage egg laying
  • Bees arriving carrying pollen signals brood rearing
  • Warm climate: can requeen if necessary
  • Watch entrance for drones that signal start of swarm season
  • When weather warms, colonies can be split
  • Read a new bee book
  • Be a Plant Watcher and a Weather Watcher
  • Go outdoors and look for plants in bloom
  • Attend your local club meetings
  • Become an apprentice mentor – you will learn much


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