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Naked Bee Hives products are designed and manufactured by LWO Corporation of Portland, OR. Since 1980, LWO Corporation has developed a nationwide reputation as a designer and manufacturer of innovative, high-quality wood products for the home and garden. We are proud to feature high quality bee hives and materials as part of our Naked Bee Hives family.

Our beehive products are made right here at our factory in Portland, Ore., from natural and renewable Western Cedar – a naturally pest and rot resistant wood.

Why Naked Bee Hives?

Unlike other softwood boxes, Western Cedar can be left unpainted if you so choose, achieving a slivered look over time. This is where we get our name, our boxes are just fine being ‘naked’.

Our philosophy of integrating fine design, materials and craftsmanship and our dedication to customer satisfaction are the legacy of years of experience working with clients to improve the quality of the spaces in which we live and play.

This tradition of excellence continues with ongoing development of innovative new products and im-proved construction techniques.

In addition to the Naked Bee Hive line, LWO manufactures the Woodway and Arboria product lines, which includes high-grade wood lattice, deckrail, post cladding, post caps, fencing products and interior solid wood paneling (Woodway), and distinctive, high quality sustainable furniture and garden structures (Arboria).

You may contact Naked Bee Hives in the following ways: Online Contact Form; Naked Bee Hives, a division of LWO Corporation, P.O. Box 17125, Portland, OR 97217; 503.286.5372; Customer Service: 800.459.8718; Fax: 503.286.4092.

Bee Smart Designs introduces the Ultimate IPM Bottom Board System

Discover the most versatile, user friendly, easy-to-use Universal IPM Board System. With Landing Board, and modular combination Entrance Reducer/Mouse Guards, stainless mesh and Inspection Board plus optional Robbing Screen to make it easier to keep happier and healthier bees.

  • Standard model is for 10-frame boxes with optional eight-frame adapters
  • Includes reversible Entrance Reducers/Mouse Guards for three opening functions
  • Rounded inner corners restrict hiding places for small hive beetles

Ask Your Dealer or visit



APICARE forms a protective layer on the receptor cells of honey bee’s tissue, disrupting communications points needed for bacteria and viruses to reproduce. This protective layer also makes it difficult for fun-gal spores to develop. APICARE also stimulates the growth of natural anti-fungal bacteria in the honeybee’s gut.

Apicare has tests showing effects against nosema from multiple bee informed partnerships across the country

Presented at 2016 CSBA by the USDA link to presentation

  • Increases number of bees that survive the Winter which means in-creased revenue
  • Prevents viruses even black queen cell virus
  • Aids with removing toxins
  • Prevents bacterial and fungal disease
  • Aids in digestion and nutrient absorption
  • 100% organic no honey contamination
  • Easy application reduces stress in hives.

Contact Justin @ 209-777-8985

The Hive Butler™

“Working, even when you’re not!”

Tired of precious honey frames in dirty supers, old coolers or cheap office totes? We sure were. Every time the frames stuck together or gashed each other open, we swore we’d make something better! Something designed just for holding frames securely – something foodgrade. No more grass, paint chips, spider webs or bug parts. No more honey lost in a dirty cooler. Harvest equals joy, and profit. Beekeepers work hard – we wanted a better solution for our customers and for ourselves!

Today’s consumers, and beekeepers, will appreciate bringing the harvest home in a food-grade HDPE, BPA-free storage tote designed for beekeeping. The large notches hold the frames apart, so even the wonky or extra-wide ones will fit. Additionally, the lid secures the frames from the top.

The Hive Butler™ will hold up to eight deep frames. (We know deeps aren’t typically used for honey, but we often find deeps that need spun to make room for brood, and we knew we’d be frustrated if the box only held mediums.)

The Hive Butler™ is very heavy-duty and durable. The extra-large rim was designed in consideration of gloved hands. Carry it from any side, no sag or twist. Stackability was a priority as well. Even with an 80 lb-max load, the Hive Butlers™ can be stacked up to four-high. No slip and slide, with the foot and deep lid well holding the stack securely.

The opacity of the box allows light in, which helps deter wax moths while you store your drawn comb in the off-season. (The Hive Butler™ is freezer safe.) Of course, we cannot guarantee that you’ll never have a wax moth, but the convenient zip tie holes, and large contact rea between the rim of the box and lid will be a great deterrent to varmints large or small.

We knew the Hive Butler™ needed to work year around for customers, so we designed the lid to have an optional, removable center pane, to allow installation of a screen top for ventilation. Now you can use the Hive Butler™ in the beeyard!

Take it with you on your hive inspections – as you remove frames, stow them safely in the Hive Butler ™, allowing the screen lid to keep everyone safe – (you and the bees!) If you save one queen from flying off or getting stepped on, you’ve paid for your Hive Butler™!

Need to make a split? We gave you 1.5” below the bottom of a deep frame, so you find a frame with a queen cell on the bottom, it can safely be transported to the new hive, or yard. Use those zip tie holes to secure your lid when moving bees on the frame.

Collecting a swarm? Carry the 8lb. HB with one hand up the ladder. Drop them in on drawn frames. The lid snaps securely and the frames aren’t going to slide as you head back down. No more heavy, slippery wooden ware on the ladder.

The Hive Butler™ will also make a great un-capping tub, and with the solid lid on, should solar melt your cappings in the hot sun. One commercial beekeeper told us he was going to use it as a scoop box, when making packages of bees.

Designed by beekeepers – for beekeepers, and produced entirely in the U.S.!

Hive Butlers™ will be available through our online store at or our FB page!


Hello bee lovers! My name is Emily Austin. I have been designing jewelry for the past 24 years in Scottsdale, Arizona, specializing in hand setting tiny Swarovski crystals in my pieces.

Several months ago friends of mine lost one of their lovely daughters who was just 21 years old in a tragic accident. Her name was Danielle Cote, a beautiful young lady inside and out who loved the birds, bees, flowers and trees. She worked at a nursery and was very involved in spreading the importance of saving the bees and the planet.

When Danielle’s family asked me if I made a bee necklace, I knew I had to do something. Therefore, I designed a bee to comfort her family and help raise money and awareness in Danielle’s name. Every bee necklace is made by hand with sterling silver (over plated with rhodium to prevent tarnishing) or gold fill chain and gold vermeil charms. You may choose your favorite Swarovski crystal color in the center of the flower charm. The bee pendant sells on my website for $95. Fifteen dollars of each necklace will be immediately donated to your favorite bee or gardening organization. Thank you.

Please visit my website for ordering information:


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